Important Information

Each item we sell is handmade solely by Chun-kees, please be aware that all of our products are luxury decorative items. Therefore excessive use could have a wearing effect on these items. 

As with all woollen products, pilling can occur with heavy use. These fibres can be cut or shaved off without affecting the use of the product. Pilling is NOT a sign of a defect, it's a natural occurrence in the materials that we use. 

Once you receive our items, don't be afraid to give them a good shake as due to packing and transportation our items may become compressed. 

Due to the delicate nature of our products, please dry clean only. With spot cleaning as and when needed.

Please note that the photos featured on each listing are not necessarily a true representation of that size. It's the customers resposibility to make sure they order the correct size and colour. Samples available on request for a small charge.

Please be advised our natural colours, so the natural grey and natural white are a little rougher than the block colours. Some may shed more, look more frizzy or they may have creases in the wool. This is because they haven’t gone through the same process as the dyed wools. These are not defects.

Please also note that babies & children should be supervised at all times whilst using our products.